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Bulloch County Forestry

Bulloch County Forestry Teen and Miss Application(circle one)

Bulloch County's "Spring "into" Summer Beauties"
Bulloch County Forestry
Meet Baby Miss Bulloch County
Meet Teeny Miss Bulloch County
Meet Tiny Miss Bulloch County
Meet Little Miss Bulloch County
Meet Junior Miss Bulloch County
Meet Teen Miss Bulloch County
Meet Miss Bulloch County
Bulloch County Forestry Rules and Regulations
Bulloch County Forestry Pageant Baby-Junior(circle one)
Bulloch County Forestry Teen and Miss Application(circle one)

Teen(13-16 years), Miss(17-24 years).

Application for Teen and Miss Contestants

Miss Division is closed to Emanuel/Bulloch county only(circle one) 

Miss must work, live, or attend school in Emanuel County


Full Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Birthday: ____________Age: ______________Phone: _________________________________

Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________________

Parents Name: _________________________________________________________________

Sponsor: ______________________________________________________________________

School or College: ______________________________________________________________

Special Organizations: ___________________________________________________________


Special Honors: ________________________________________________________________


Special Training: _______________________________________________________________


Present Occupation: _____________________________________________________________

Favorite Hobbies: _______________________________________________________________


Previous Titles Held: ____________________________________________________________

Current Titles: _________________________________________________________________

Why did you enter this pageant: ___________________________________________________


What is your goal in life: _________________________________________________________


What qualities do you posses to make a good Forestry Queen: __________________


What is your Platform?____________________________________________

Have you ever held a Local or State Forestry Title, if so what year: _______________________

County or State title: _____________________.

What Age Division: _______________________.

The Contestant agrees to hold harmless Emanuel/Bulloch County Forestry Pageant, the Pageant Director,the georgia forestry pageant and Educational Association, Inc, and the Volunteers,the georgia forestry commission,  the location of the pageant and its holdings from damages incurred through loss, theft, or injury caused by or during her participation or to and from the pageant or any related events. I hereby acknowledge that I have read the official rules and regulations set forth by the Emanuel/Bulloch County Forestry Pageant and that I will comply with them in every way, and that the personal data that I have submitted is true and correct. I give permission for the Emanuel/Bulloch County Forestry pageant and the Georgia Forestry Pageant to use my daughter’s picture for publicity. I understand that there is a $ 40.00 service charge on all returned checks and that there are NO REFUNDS unless the pageant is canceled. Please sign below.

Contestant’s Signature: ____________________Date: ___________________

Parent or Legal Guardian: _______________________Date___________________

I am entering the following events:

Beauty:   (Teen) $ 85.00 _______ (Miss)   $95.00 _______

Prettiest Dress: $ 10.00 _______ Prettiest Smile: $ 10.00 _______

Prettiest Hair: $ 10.00 _______ Photogenic: $ 10.00 ________


Good Luck Ad: $ 25.00 _____ (Mandatory – please attach business card or what you want to say)

Wallet size Photo for program book __________ (please submit with application or it will not appear in Program book)


Teen- $150.00 everything

Miss- $160.00 everything


Total amount enclosed: $ ______________ Check #_____________


Make checks payable to Katosha Thompson

Mail to:

Katosha Thompson

211 Magnolia Pl

Guyton, GA 31312



912-660-8053 or 912-519-0159