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Bulloch County Forestry

Bulloch County's "Spring "into" Summer Beauties"
Bulloch County's "Spring "into" Summer Beauties"
Bulloch County Forestry
Meet Baby Miss Bulloch County
Meet Teeny Miss Bulloch County
Meet Tiny Miss Bulloch County
Meet Little Miss Bulloch County
Meet Junior Miss Bulloch County
Meet Teen Miss Bulloch County
Meet Miss Bulloch County
Bulloch County Forestry Rules and Regulations
Bulloch County Forestry Pageant Baby-Junior(circle one)
Bulloch County Forestry Teen and Miss Application(circle one)




May 22ND, 2010 @ 3:00 p.m.

Brooklet Elementary School

No Double Crowning!!!!!

Registration for all age divisions will be from 2:00-2:30 p.m.

Pageant will begin at 3:00 p.m.


Age Divisions: Baby-0-23 months, Teeny-2-3 years, Tiny-4-6 years, Little-7-9 years, Junior-10-12 years, Teen-13-15 years, Miss-16 and up


**We will have two Grand Supremes, one from the 0-6 years and one from the 7-up years (contestant with the highest combined scores) the winner will receive a beautiful crown, sash, trophy and a nice gift.

**We will have two Mini Supremes, one from the 0-6 years and one from the 7-up years, (contestant with the second highest combined scores) the winner will receive a beautiful crown, sash, trophy and a nice gift.

**Beauty Winners- There will be one winner in each age division and three runner-ups, winners will receive a beautiful crown, sash and trophy, runner-ups will receive a nice trophy or gift.

**Prettiest Dress, Hair and Smile- there will be one winner in each age division, winner will receive a nice gift.

**Popularity Princess- These votes are $1.00 each and can be collected from family and friends, there will be one winner in the entire pageant and the winner will receive a beautiful crown and trophy.

You can vote at the admissions table the day of the pageant.


$60.00 Entry Fee (all categories)__________


**The deadline for fees and applications is May 15th,2010

Mail to: Katosha Thompson, 211 Magnolia Pl. Guyton Ga, 31312

912-660-8053 or

visit the website at




Bulloch County’s “Spring “into” Summer Beauties”




Division__________________________   Contestant #_______________






City______________ State_______________   Zip__________




Hair Color______________________    Eye Color_____________


Favorite Food__________________________________________






What’s your favorite thing about Summer



I have read and understand that Katosha Thompson or anyone associated with this pageant is not responsible for loss, damaged, or stolen property. I also understand that any unsportsmanship will not be tolerated. All Judges decisions are final and will not be disputed. There are no refunds unless the pageant is cancelled. Signature______________________________(parent if under 18)









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